A Full Spectrum Of CCTV Inspection Benefits From Pipeline Inspection Services, Inc.

Certainty. It’s a valued commodity in life and work. And it’s something that’s hard to come by when working on subterranean projects like industrial and municipal pipelines. After all, it’s hard to be sure about anything you can’t see for yourself. However, with our CCTV services, those worries about the potential costs and consequences of guesswork are history. CCTV, sometimes referred to as sewer video inspection, allows our expert technicians to delve inside any pipeline, tank or container and physically see exactly what’s at issue via a “live” camera. CCTV is a invaluable, ingenious tool that will save you time and money.

Don’t shut down your business because of pipeline guesswork – CCTV will eliminate all those costly uknowns!

Pipeline Inspection Services, Inc. will meet and exceed all of your CCTV utility inspection needs and requirements by providing high quality video equipment and experienced crews on every job. Our Cues CCTV utility inspection system allows the operator to record important information such as time, date, manhole/station numbers & operating personnel. The use of this system allows us to localize and pinpoint problems such as cracks, sags, root obstructions, breaks or any other problem which might be present. The system is used to accomplish as-built inspections, locate all service connections and find buried manholes. In other words, it affords your city or organization certainty for all pipeline and pipeline related jobs.

Specifications of our CCTV system:

  • Full Color Computer Generated Reports
  • Full Color Still Photos
  • Pan and Tilt Cameras
  • 4″ thru 60″ Pipe Inspections
  • DVD/CD and Reports Provided on Site

What Causes Pipeline Disruption Or Failure?

Pipeline failure or disruption can be caused by numerous factors, resulting in slower flow or even breakage that can result in hazardous wastes spilling into the ground, possibly infiltrating our potable water supply. CCTV can help diagnose and prevent any factors or negative influences that can potentially cause costly – and dangerous – damage to municipal and industrial pipelines. So what causes these things to happen?

  • Roots invading the lines
  • Sludge buildup
  • Sediment buildup
  • Black powder buildup
  • Debris and trash
  • Pipe scaling
  • Chemical erosion and wear

With CCTV, Pipeline Inspection Services, Inc. can ascertain any and all problems inside the pipeline without unnecessary digging. It’s 100 percent environmentally safe and eliminates guesswork for good. We monitor the progress of the camera as it moves through the conduit, inspecting everything along the way to ensure structural integrity and identify any impediments, decay or blockages that can ruin pipeline systems . This is how we can know with certainty what the problem is and how to solve it.

In the past, plumbers and pipeline technicians might have incorrectly diagnosed the problem, potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars and sending your business or municipality over budget. With Pipeline Inspection Services, Inc. precision engineered cameras and video recording equipment, we now know for sure the source of the issues and exactly how to repair or rehabilitate it. No guesswork. No estimation. Just certainty.

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If you own commercial property and cannot afford costly and lengthy repairs and renovations that could interrupt business, call Pipeline Inspection Services today to discuss the benefits of CCTV inspection. This is the best available technology for inspecting pipes for repair, maintenance and in preparation for cleaning. Save time. Save money. Save your sanity! CCTV for certainty and savings.



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